Face Mask FAQs

What are your face masks made of?


* 2 layers of cotton broadcloth fabric 

* #40 Pellon stabilizer mid weight sew-in stabilizer

* 2  Elastic Bands -3mm #288Y 

* Textured nylon thread - TEX 30


Are your face masks manufactured in the US?


Yes, our masks are manufactured in Southwest Florida.


Are your face mask machine washable?


Yes, our face masks are machine washable. Machine wash and dry separately on a medium temperature.  


Does your company donate face mask?


Yes, our company has donated face mask to our health care heroes, front line workers, and essential business.


What are the color options for your face masks?

We currently have five solid colors in stock

Royal Blue

Kelly Green

Violet Purple

Navy Blue 

We also carry a variety of limited colors and patterns

Animal Print

Lipstick Pink

Turquoise Blue

Black and White Floral

Lilac Lavender

We plan to have new limited colors and patterns; We will announce them on our Facebook page. m.me/facemaskwedesign.


What are the sizes of your face masks?

Our sizes

children - ages 5 to 9 years old or 24lbs to 70lbs

adult small - 70lbs to 143lbs

adult medium - 143lbs to 200lbs

adult large - 200lbs to 350lbs


Is your shop open to the public to pick up the face mask orders?


No unfortunately we are not open to the public due to the severity of this epidemic.  For the safety of our staff and customers all orders must be shipped. 


What are your shipping rates?

$2.00 to ship One Mask USPS
$4.50 to ship 2-5 Masks USPS    
$7.98 to ship 6-20 Masks USPS Flat Rate Envelope
$14.84 to ship 21-50 Masks USPS Flat Rate Box


How much are your face masks?

Our basic face masks are purple, green, navy, black, and royal blue. They are priced at 9.95 each plus shipping.

Our Limited edition masks in animal print, lavender, hot pink, and turquoise are at $12.99 each plus shipping.


Do you offer discounts on multiple orders?

No, we offer no discounts.